To Raise and Manage Funds for the Sustainable Development and Promotion of Sports in Lagos


To be a World Class Trust Fund Propelling Lagos to become the Leading Sports Hub in Africa


The Public Trust Us

We work in an accountable and transparent manner that enables our stakeholders and the general public trust us.

We Champion New Ideas

We play a lead role in driving forward sport initiatives and projects

Engagement with Stakeholders

We work together within our in-house teams, local partners and other stakeholders to achieve our common objectives

Responsibility for actions

We hold ourselves for our actions, ensuring we operate in a manner expected by stakeholders and the general public

Quick and Clever Solutions

We find quick and clever solutions to difficult problems

We Always Deliver...

We strive to build a reputation of excellence among our stakeholders

We Do The Right Thing..

We demonstrate the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics

People at the centre

Our projects and programmes are inclusive and are focused on the needs and expectations of sport participants and Lagosians in general