The Lagos State Sports Trust Fund (LSSTF) Law was enacted to play a critical role in financing the development and promotion of sports, sporting activities and facilities in Lagos State.

The law creating the Lagos State Sports Trust Fund mandates the fund to raise and manage funds as well as promote sports in Lagos state.

The aim is to position Lagos State as one of the top sports destination in Africa. This will no doubt have a huge socio-economic impact in the state by way of:

  • Job creation
  • Infrastructure development
  • Foreign investment attraction
  • Sports tourism growth
  • Social integration & skill development
  • Stimulation of economic activities.

LSSTF is committed to delivering the following key results by 2023

Raise Funds

Raise NGN10billion for sports development in 5 years

Source Funds

Secure commercial revenues to support sustainable sports
development funding


10 million Lagosians participating actively in sports

  • Deliver at least 10 infrastructure projects annually.
  • Develop 100 athletes from Grassroots to Podium.
  • Train 100 coaches per year in different sports